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The two Sides of Wine: The Connoisseur and Sensual Delights

To me, enjoying wines means to ‘read’ them, to learn about their background and history and to interpret them based on my knowledge.

Wine as Artwork

Like artwork, wine is not a product that immediately and directly reveals itself to everybody. Wine’s nature is complex and cultural and wants to be discovered with the pleasures of the senses:

The Winemaker is the Artist

Behind each wine there is always an “artist”, an accompanying winemaker who gives the wine its character as does the terroir in which it grows. Then our senses join in, adding ample experiences of enjoyment to the wine’s background and history.

Colour, Viscosity, Aroma and Taste.

Everyone is able to discover the diversity and depths of wines. It just takes a little patience, openness, experience and the willingness to sharpen your senses.

Connoisseur and Sensual Delights

It is my passion and my pleasure to elucidate your sensual experience of wines and to make the many-faceted and multi-layered worlds of wine transparent to you.